The Leica Uniform Experiment D-Lux 5 is Perfect for Stylish Shutterbugs

Japanese clothing brand Uniform Experiment is getting together with luxury camera maker Leica to create a limited edition camera that is sure to please both fashionistas and shutterbugs alike. The Leica Uniform Experiment D-Lux 5 is the result of this holy union.

The Leica Uniform Experiment D-Lux 5 has simple styling that's characteristic of Leicas past. The Uniform Experiment logo can be seen in the lower right hand corner of the camera's face and the company's name is printed above the LCD panel. As far as collaborations go, this one is definitely winning. I especially like how Uniform Experiment didn't slather their logo all over the camera. All praise aside, I do have a two knocks against this camera. The first is that only 200 are being made, and the second is that it is only available in Japan.