Slow Photography Lets You Take Photos like Its 1959

 - Apr 30, 2011
References: dmccourt & gizmag
There are retro smartphone camera apps and devices, and then there is Slow Photography from David McCourt. Slow Photography is a unique device that mimics the video cameras of days gone by.

By video cameras of old, I mean really, really old. Slow Photography is designed to work with most major smartphones, meaning that for once, iPhone users won't have all the retro photography fun. The device has "three lens options on offer – fixed focal length, macro and fish eye." The goal of Slow Photography is to help users go from taking mobile phone photos to working with high-grade digital cameras. Personally, I could see mobile phone shutterbugs (hipsters) flocking to a device like this. McCourt is currently in the process of getting Slow Photography mass produced. Keep your fingers crossed.