The Leica Lens Holder is a Risky Way to Store an Extra Lens

 - Jul 29, 2011
References: dvice
I am not sure how much the designers at Leica actually thought about what they were doing when they created the Leica Lens Holder. Oh sure, the Leica Lens Holder lets you easily carry around another lens without the need for additional baggage, but it also turns that lens into a target and strips it of all protection!

While I don't own a Leica, I do know that they are quite expensive cameras, which means that their extra lenses are bound to cost a pretty penny or two. All concern over broken lenses aside, I do like what Leica has done here. The Leica Lens Holder is both functional and eye-catching, looking like no other camera attachment I have ever seen. The Leica Lens Holder goes for $200 and is available now. God help the butterfingers who drops a Leica equipped with the Leica Lens Holder and ruins two lenses and a camera.