The Phantom V1610 is the Fastest-Recording Camera in the World

 - Aug 9, 2011
References: wired & gizmodo
The Phantom V1610 is a million-frame-per-second camera. Allow that to settle in for a second; one million frames per second!

As their price has steadily fallen for the past decade, high-speed cameras have leapt from the laboratory and into the hands of amateur filmmakers everywhere, who have since used them to highlight the events too small and too fast for the human eye to appreciate. The advent of the Phantom V1610, however, will multiply the ability to investigate life’s mysteries by allowing users to slow them down to an infinitesimal speed.

A fruit fly’s compound eyes blinking, the morphing of a golf ball as it’s struck and the minutiae of animal movement are all short events which would otherwise be completely foreign to the population. I, for one, am genuinely eager to see footage recorded on the Phantom camera -- I’m sure it’ll be inspiring, to say the least!