The Antares H3 Aircraft is the Successor to the Antares DLR-H2

 - Aug 23, 2010
References: theengineer
The German Aerospace Centre and Lange Aviation are working on a hydrogen-powered aircraft called the Antares H3 to follow up the Antares DLR-H2, the world's first fuel cell-powered aircraft.

The Antares H3 will be powered by hydrogen fuel instead of batteries. Hydrogen can absorb oxygen from the surrounding air and transform it into electricity. The team expects to achieve a 6,000 km range and 50+ hours of flight time. The Antares H3 has a wingspan of 23 m and can carry up to 200 kg, with 1.25 metric tons of maximum take-off weight. The Antares H3's first flight is scheduled for 2011.