The Captures Jeffrey Milstein Focus on Plane Underbellies

 - Jan 31, 2012
References: kopeikingallery & mocoloco
Catching an airplane flying across the sky is a mesmerizing experience, which is why renowned photographer Jeffrey Milstein patiently waits outside airports to find the right instance when an aircraft is perfectly aligned with the camera. This alignment is what allows him to capture the machine’s beauty to its fullest. 

From Fokker Dr 1 to corporate jets, Milstein snaps mind-blowing images of the underbellies of airplanes. "It is just a matter of finding the ‘sweet spot’ so that the aircraft is lined up exactly in the camera’s frame," explains the artist. This spatial and temporal precision is what makes these art pieces so fascinating. These flying machines become like sculptures in the sky.

In his photographs, Jeffrey Milstein transforms airplanes into artistic pieces where their colors and geometric shapes are more important than capacity of the engines.