The Carplane Makes Traffic a Thing of the Past

 - Jul 25, 2011
References: ecofriend
While I am not the biggest fan of flying, I am incredibly intrigued by the Carplane concept. The Carplane is a two-seater car/plane designed by a group of German researchers at the Braunschweig airport.

The Carplane has a design unlike any car-plane combination I have ever seen before (and yes, I have actually seen many car-plane concepts). This design folds the wings into the rear of the car, which lets you drive it on normal roads and in normal traffic conditions. If you so desire to leave the roads and hit the skies, you need only flip a switch to watch the wings come out. The designers list the Carplane's top road speed at 109 mph and its top flight speed at 137 mph. You can check out the Carplane in all its conceptual glory in the video here. Bonus points awarded if you speak German.