- Jul 12, 2013
When it comes to choosing a new car to purchase, finding a model that is modern and ahead of its generation is key, which is why these sleek Sci-Fi vehicles are some great options for individuals looking to have something futuristic to cruise around in.

Fans of Sci-Fi films will surely appreciate the design and exterior appearance of these creative vehicles. The use of shiny materials, spherical shapes and illuminated features serves to make these automobiles eerily similar to spacecrafts you would normally find in fantasy television shows or Sci-Fi movies. From futuristic Sci-Fi autos that are circular in shape to those that are amazingly open-air in design, these sleek Sci-Fi vehicles will certainly satisfy any nerdy car enthusiast looking for a design inspired by intergalactic references.

From Futuristic Tricycle Concepts to Galactic Micro Cars: