The Libellula is Inspired by Video Games and Science Fiction

 - Aug 8, 2010   Updated: May 26 2011
References: tuvie
Andrew Solesbury's futuristic flying car Libelulla is inspired from sci-fi video games and movies, and is named after a dragonfly. The insect-inspired flying car features a turbine engine which can be rotated to aid steering, and front and rear wings integrated with ailerons to control speed and achieve maximum efficiency.

Libelulla's body includes F1-style air pods for the turbine engine's air intake.

Implications - With virtual reality taking up a large chunk of one's time, many businesses are looking for ways to infuse the real world with the online environment. Companies should consider designing products that have either a futuristic or virtual feel, while maintaining practicality for consumers. That way, buyers will never feel too far away from the online world that many have become accustomed to.