KTM Concept Motorbike Defines a New Class of Motorcycle

 - Sep 15, 2009
References: thedesignblog.org
Start salivating bikers, ‘cause British designer Matt Williams has a surprise for you: the KTM Concept Motorbike. Here to revolutionize the motorbike game as we know it, this baby will set your heart racing like no other bike on the market (too bad it’s just a concept, huh?).

Deemed a ‘superbike’, Naresh Chauhan explains that "it poses a strong challenge to the styling and layout of contemporary motorbikes." The KTM Concept Motorbike will eliminate dive under breaking and provide a more usable steering system, among other improvements. Although this bike may never see the light of day (but how I hope it does!), I’m sure it’ll make an appearance in some sci-fi blockbuster.