Betty Wants In's Skydive Video Shows Free Falling Floating Figures

 - May 18, 2011
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Prior to viewing this video, I had always thought of skydiving as an intense, adrenaline-pumping extreme sport. When filmed in slow motion, skydiving looks like a beautiful and breathtaking art form.

Betty Want In's skydiving video is a slow motion film shows human flight from staggering heights. The slow motion successfully makes the sport of skydiving serene; the video makes it seem as if the figures are suspended in the sky. The quality camera used captures the unbelievable sky-high scenery and the floating figures within it.

This high-quality commercial video was produced for the Melbourne Skydive Centre, and shows the amazing aerial views of the travel destination.

Betty Wants In's skydiving video in slow motion has exploited extreme skydiving for the airy art form that is is.