Airship Ventures' Innovative Aerial Sightseeing

 - Oct 29, 2008
References: airshipventures & pressdemocrat
Tours through California’s wine country are about to get a lot cooler. Airship Ventures received their first Zeppelin over the weekend, and will begin offering Zeppelin aerial tours of the Bay Area on Friday.

While there are Zeppelins in Germany and Japan, there hasn’t been a Zeppelin flown over U.S. soil since the 1930s. Airship Ventures’ Zeppelin will be the third in the world. Its cabin is spacious enough for two crew members and twelve passengers. Airship Ventures is offering one-hour tours of wine country and the Bay Area.

Zeppelins went out of vogue after the hydrogen-fueled Hindenberg blew up in 1937. Conversely, Airship Ventures’ Zeppelin is fueled by helium, which is nonflammable.