Levi's Fenom U.E. Navy Disco Decoration 505 Jeans with Swarovski Crystals

 - Oct 15, 2009   Updated: Aug 15 2011
References: e-levi.jp & hypebeast
Created for the Fujiwara-headed Levi's Fenom campaign are these U.E. Navy Disco Decoration 505 Jeans in a raw Indigo finish and washed style.

Usually men's denim does not have this type of bedazzled detailing, but it is done extremly tasetefully. If you are interested in a pair, it will only be a few days, because a release is expected for October 17th at Levi's Japan flagship stores as well as through the Levi's e-shop.

Implications - Many consumers within today's Western society associate glamor and extravagance with a high quality of life. Businesses that enhance their products to embrace a more thrilling or lavish lifestyle will likely appeal to a very wide audience.