- Jun 21, 2013
Incorporating more eco-friendly features into your fashion choices is a fantastic way to give back to the environment, and these upcycled shoe designs are some creative examples of how average items can be turned into a chic pair of practical kicks.

While some people may think that eco-friendly clothing designs and footwear styles are often visually unappealing, these upcycled shoe designs are showcasing that you still dress fashionably while choosing a more sustainable clothing option. These uniquely designed pieces of footwear have all been made from a variety of recycled materials, allowing individuals the opportunity to wear something completely constructed from something else.

From chic designer shoes made entirely from recycled plastic discs to those made from FedEx envelopes, these upcycled shoe designs are offering individuals a unique way to be more sustainable with their footwear choices.

From Shipping Package Kicks to Upcycled Denim Sandals: