From Squat Sumo Tea Sets to Far East Lawn Decor

 - Jun 5, 2013
If you've ever watched Japanese wrestling then you know how intriguing and visually entertaining the sport can be, and these sumo wrestler-inspired designs are perfect for anyone looking to infuse this cultural sport into their homes.

Sumo wrestling is a very popular Japanese sport, where participants train for long periods of time, eating large quantities of food in order to bulk up their bodies for competition. One of the main reasons why sumo wrestling has gained so much popularity outside of Japan is because of the type of uniform associated with the sport. Sumo wrestlers often wear nothing more than a belt or loincloth to protect their sensitive areas, leaving everything else on display.

From beefy wrestler costumes to sumo tea sets, these sumo wrestler products are a great indication of how this Japanese sport is gaining recognition worldwide.