'Ta Taa Tartan' in Blend Magazine #2 Adds Moles & Red Lipstick

'Ta Taa Tartan' in Blend Magazine #2 is a gender-bending shoot that pairs plaid menswear with a model donning pin-up makeup usually seen on women. With cherry-red lips and fake beauty marks, this model rocks the season's hottest tartan fashions. From tailored suits to kilts, the editorial rings in autumn beautifully.

See more images from 'Ta Taa Tartan' in Blend Magazine #2 above; I've also included a preview video of the entire issue.


This pattern is something that works against all the taboos of males in makeup. To penetrate a demographic of people that are looking for something new and eccentricity businesses can create a shocking image like this one of feminized males, it works. Businesses can participate in order to differentiate themselves from others and always staying on the cutting edge.