From Hipster Lumberjack Accessories to Hip Handyman Ensembles

 - Aug 8, 2013
These modern lumberjack-inspired looks are perfectly suited for any man who is looking for a rustic yet sleek outfit to add to their collection of ensembles.

Lumberjacks are often the types of workers found in rugged outdoor environments, who work within the logging industry to cut down or harvest trees. Since lumberjacks are often associated with people who tend to wear plaid shirts, flannel ensembles and rugged boots, the fashion industry has sought to utilize this overall style to enhance certain collections with a more rugged and earthy vibe. From lounging lumberjack editorials to hipster road trip styles featuring plaid shirts and simple trousers, these lumberjack-inspired looks are bringing this otherwise rural outdoor activity back into the 21st century by incorporating these rugged looks into fashion lines.