Marcio Henrique Brandao Captured an Odd Men’s Fashion Editorial

 - Jan 13, 2014
References: fashnberry
Brazil-based photographer Marcio Henrique Brandão captured a men’s fashion editorial like no other. When we think of skimpy clothes and sexual poses, we usually think of female models. Brandão turns gender roles on their heads with this black and white fashion photo shoot featuring male model Joel Bürger.

Bürger is dressed in scant clothing and tight fabrics in this unorthodox men’s fashion editorial. He posses in very feminine positions with heavy black eye makeup as his hair styles alternated between ruffled and flat. Half of the photos show him shirtless, sometimes wearing long strands of pearls hanging down his chest. Some of the more out-there fashion choices are a black mini dress with bare ruffled shoulders, and a pair of leather waist-high shorts and are worn more than once.