- Apr 15, 2014
These contemporary country collections are showcasing how rustic farm attire is continuing to make waves on the runways by adding eclectic adjustments to this traditionally conservative look.

Western fashion and countryside looks are often associated with a very timid and demure type of fashion, but these contemporary country looks are showcasing how modern designers are bringing these old school styles back into the 21st century. Utilizing fitted and structured clothing, edgy designs and bohemian inspirations, these contemporary countryside looks are turning subtle suburban fashion into wonderfully chic and stylish designs that consumers will adore. From flamboyant farmer fashions to romantic cascading ensembles, these sleek country styles are showcasing that conservative style doesn't necessarily have to be dull or unappealing.

Opening up these traditional fashion looks to a whole new generation, these contemporary collections will definitely display countryside style in a wonderfully modern manner.

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