The NYFW Academy of Art University 2014 Show Highlights New Talent

Some of the most innovative and unusual fashions come from student shows, and the Academy of Art University 2014 runway at New York Fashion Week was full of both. The fashions that came out of the California school capture a range of inspiration from its design students, from gritty industrialism to aerial shots of rural countrysides. There’s a balance of both men’s and women’s clothing, but the looks are shown one after the other, so it was crucial for the designers to put their own unique stamp on their pieces in order to be able to tell where one collection ends and the next starts.

Some standout pieces from the collection include works by Mingyu Du, which use unconventional materials like an army tent, wool blankets, parachutes and cotton canvases as fabrics, and Earnest Haung’s collection, that mixed army green and orange colors, as well as some unusual textures and patterns.