The Margaret Howell Spring/Summer 2013 Advertisements Are Somber

 - Feb 26, 2013
The Margaret Howell Spring/Summer 2013 collection is unlike most that come of this seasonal lot. Photographer Koto Balofo made the entire production appear quite somber as she strayed away from vibrant colors, preferring instead to work with muted grey tones.

Balofo also highlighted the process of weaving in her snapshots. This comes of Howell's linens which were incorporated into many of the label's Spring/Summer 2013 pieces.

Paired with these intricately weaved clothing items are earthy accessories that were delivered to fans of the brand via strap brown sandals, loosely hanging bags and simple sunglasses. As few additions were made here, this line speaks to a natural fashion niche, one that is seldom seen by most designers.