Spur Magazine’s May Edition Takes You Off to Neverland

This beautiful shoot for Spur Magazine May 2014 features the beautiful Alexandra Smit. Shot by Akinori Ito, the series takes you on an adventure on a country beach. The model runs with the seagulls, plays on a shore-side anchor, takes a walk with a little donkey and looks out onto the land from a boat.

With flowers, blue sky and the wind giving movement to every flowing object, the refreshing photography series evokes a sense of peace and youthfulness. You can almost smell the crisp ocean air as you look into the mountains in the distance.

This captivating visual adventure for Spur Magazine May 2014 will take you away from your desk and into another world. The series looks almost like a dream world with the way the model seems to float off the rocks, leaving earth and flying off into Neverland.