The Lionel Bayol Themines 'Titanesland' Throws Warriors in the Deep End

The Lionel Bayol Themines 'Titanesland' photography collection presents superhero, mask-wearing swimmers swimming into the deep end. The result is stunning, with strong-willed individuals presented as uncharacteristically serene and still.

This collection gains its significance by presenting a look that many viewers find unexpected and slightly off-putting. It's hard to tell whether or not these sharklike superheros are ready to take on the world or have reached their last life and are about to accept defeat. This ambiguity forces onlookers to look twice when taking in the Lionel Bayol Themines Titanesland collection and work out for themselves where these masked beings will end up.

Implications - This collection plays off the ideas of fantasy and escapism. Companies should consider incorporating more of these playful elements into their campaigns in order to appeal to the many consumers stressed out from their busy lives.