This Flair Austria April 2013 Series is Set in an Authentic Chinatown

While a lot of editorials attempt to infuse an Eastern inspiration into their images, this Flair Austria April 2013 photo shoot seems to be one of the few to get it right.

Model Rosanna Georgiou stars in the series, appropriately named 'Chinatown,' posing in front of neon shop windows and browsing the many busy supermarkets. While the setting of the Flair Austria April 2013 shoot is eclectic with its many-colored backgrounds, the wardrobe itself is a sight to be seen; Rosanna wears traffic-stopping pieces like metallic dresses with boustiers and all-pink jumpsuits with blazers while her hair is styled in a gigantic pouffy afro. Although the fashion and setting are both visually gorgeous, Rosanna's porcelain doll-like features make this shoot stand out amongst the rest.

Take a look at this Flair Austria April 2013 editorial to see how East truly meets West.