These Shots by Mels Bles Look Like Paper Doll Cutouts

 - Jun 3, 2013
References: melbles & fashion156
This bizarre photography series by artist Mels Bles looks like it was inspired by paper doll cutouts. In fact, some of these odd captures include a cutout style outline surrounding the model. These unusual fashion shots are certainly creative, channeling childhood toys.

These funky doll-inspired captures range from weird to really weird. One of these shots features the model in an extremely puffy red frock, outlined in black (the way a paper doll would be in a coloring book). There's a similar shot where the model is wearing blue and white, but her back is turned to the camera. Some of the more bizarre captures in this series feature the model wearing some kind of box on her head, while rocking a poncho-inspired outfit.

These intriguing paper doll cutout photos are both cute and a little bit eerie.