Tender Skin has a Seductive Interplay of Hard and Soft Textures

 - Jan 31, 2013
References: benjaminkanarekblog
There is a great deal that dazzles the eyes within Tender Skin in Vogue China's Spring/Summer 2013 issue. The elegant editorial features a feast of complementary and juxtaposing textures that give each image rich dimension.

The magnificent Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Paris was the setting for this cool-toned classic shoot. Benjamin Kanarek composed his photos with bright back lighting and mesmerizing shadow effects, amidst sumptuous lounges and lavish stairwells.

Decorative metal designs, patterned upholstery and thick pleated drapes are the backdrops to beautiful models Jin Zhou and Hye Seung. The chic urban pieces of soft and colorful leather over lovely diaphanous fabrics are flaunted beautifully by faces made up like delicate porcelain dolls.