From Bizarre Lipstick Busts to Consumer-Made Lipsticks

 - Jul 22, 2014
Lipstick is often a go-to cosmetic item for many women in their daily morning routines and these opulent lipsticks creations pay tribute to this celebrated and highly feminized beauty ritual.

They say a bold lipstick color can change the way you feel and look within an instant. In keeping with this ideology, many makeup brands have branded its lipsticks as the mark of feminism and beauty. There are a wide variety of lipsticks out there on the market catered to various degrees of femininity. Some are bold and outlandish coming in blue and even glow-in-the-dark shades and others are classic and timeless with deep red hues. Even celebrities, like Lorde and Kelly Osbourne, have been custom-creating their very own lipstick shades that hope to make the wearer embody that specific celebrity's persona.