This Green Lipstick Creates a Rosy Hue Based on pH Levels

A tube of green lipstick is bold, unusual and enough to scare most people away — however, appearances can be deceiving. Despite the color on the tube’s case as well as the lipstick itself, green is not the color that appears on lips as a result.

The Magic Moroccan Green Lipstick is applied like a gloss and it reacts with a person’s body temperature and pH level to create the perfect pink lip stain. The "magic" mood-ring like qualities of the lipstick come from the content of Red 27 dye, which reacts to moisture and acidity, which makes its color unique to each person.

Because the shades of pink or red that may show up after applying this color-changing gloss can vary so much, it makes sense that the tube is green. There’s no way to predict what color will come out of the tube, but you can be sure that the rosy hue will be more flattering than the shade of green lipstick you’re expecting.