Lorenzo Nuti Renders Fear-Inducing Images Inspired by Film

Heath Ledger gave a wonderfully psychotic performance as the Joker in the film The Dark Knight, but this Lorenzo Nuti painting of the classic Batman villain easily rivals that portrayal in terms of menace and grit. With a blood-soaked eye, bleeding cheeks, a knife in one hand and Batman’s cut face in the other, Nuti’s Joker treads on nightmare-inducing territory; and if you think this is the only image in which he achieves this effect, you are deathly wrong.

Lorenzo Nuti’s painting style uses a lot of bleak colors with accents of vibrant reds from gushing or splattered blood. He’s a master of rendering stylized grotesque subjects which invites viewers to look away more so than to stare for extended periods of time. He often uses this distinct art technique to reinterpret scenes from the cinema.