Thomas Longo Captures Black-and-White Beauty in Impossible Ways

 - Jul 23, 2011
References: flickr & thisiscolossal
Thomas Longo certainly knows how to shock his audiences with hauntingly beautiful images.

Phenomenal photographer Thomas Longo is not your average artist; he avoids shooting anything typical. Instead, he embraces strange themes and subjects that will stop his viewers in their tracks. Thomas' subjects are not limited to strict poses or expressions; some naturally lie on beaches, while others have their facial expressions hidden by arms emerging out of their mouths. Many of these moments seem to have been inspired by gory nightmares; the image of scissors about to cut the tongue off a woman will be hard to forget.

Thomas Longo exploits the strange and stunning in this unique series of snapshots.

Implications - Society has become so saturated with advertisements that consumers have become desensitized to their imagery. They now notice ads that feature shocking and surreal content, as they stand out among the rest and are memorable.