From Lusty Lingerie Lookbooks to Naughty Literature Accessories

 - Jul 19, 2012
With the overwhelming popularity of the naughty series, these Fifty Shades of Grey finds add to fans who long for more passionate inspiration.

The erotic popular trilogy by Erika Leonard James was developed from Twilight fan fiction and re-worked by the author into the saga starring Chirstian Grey and Anastasia Steele. The plot is essentially a lustful portrayal of their relationship featuring explicit recounts of their taboo bodouir escapades.

However, the novel is not the first pop-culture piece to flirt with unmentionable promiscuity in chromatic darkness. Editorials are littered with risque references in black and white, fashion items that leave little to the imagination and leather goods of lustful utility.

The fad has even gone so far as to inspire products and parodies. From seductive film adaptations to naughty literature accessories, 50 Shades of Gray continues to infatuate fans with sexy romanticism.