‘Green Tumors’ Offers an Eerie Look at Tumor Growth

 - May 14, 2013
References: feeas.es & fashion156
Artist Remedios Vincent uses creepy antique dolls and various succulent plants in this ‘Green Tumors’ art series. These bizarre captures are very interesting visually; it’s strange to see something living shooting up from something that is seemingly dead (especially when that something looks like a person).

These creepy plant creations become rather dark when one considers that these out of place succulents are meant to represent the growth of cancer. Eventually, these living green plants will out-grow the disfigured nightmarish dolls and destroy them. Similarly, tumors grow in a person and spread until they over-take, or ‘destroy’ them.

The ‘Green Tumors’ series makes people uncomfortable but holds their interest. This grim, dismembered doll series cunningly uses plant life to reflect tumor growth, while simultaneously captivating the viewer with these off-beat captures