- Oct 27, 2013
While Luke Skywalker and Han Solo were two of the most popular characters from the Star Wars saga, these nerdy Princess Leia products are showcasing that the strong female lead also had a significant impact on viewers.

The Star Wars franchise has been delighting fans all over the globe ever since its debut in the late 70s, and while there are several recognizable characters in the film, Princess Leia was the only female character to hold her own amongst all the male leads. With her confident demeanour, spunky attitude and infamous braided hair buns, Princess Leia became one of the most recognized and referenced Sci-Fi characters in history.

These nerdy Princess Leia products are offering dedicated Star Wars fans the opportunity to pay tribute and even dress-up like this Sci-Fi vixen whenever they please.

From Sci-Fi Princess Muffs to Sci-Fi Ear Cages: