Michael Manomivibul Illustrates Underwater Explorers in Dark Scenarios

 - Apr 1, 2012
References: monstereatsdesign.tumblr
These surreal deep sea diver illustrations by Michael Manomivibul make the profession seem much more horrifying than I imagine it to be. From taking off a helmet underwater with extreme pressure conditions to landing on top of a jellyfish the size of Godzilla, the diver in these renderings looks as though he’s living an endless series of nightmares. It’s these dark concepts that make these surreal images so captivating on both a visual and cerebral level.

Michael Manomivibul is a freelance illustrator based in Oakland, California. He explains that his work, "thrives on mystery and atmosphere." Those two elements are certainly present in these pictures as gloom seems to irradiate off each image due to Manomivibul's use of stark colors, while the disturbing visuals themselves invoke countless narrative possibilities within viewers’ minds.