From Properly Costumed Heroines to Adolescent Depictions

 - Jun 12, 2013
Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, recently discussed his disappointment about the lack of comic book heroines in movies and television. Comic book companies, toy makers and movie producers state that the market demographic isn’t large enough for them to give emphasis towards it. The list is compromised of female comic book heroines and villains. The short list encapsulates the lack of emphasis being given to female comic book characters—something that needs to change.

A male demographic dominates the world of comic books, but the recent female comic book uproar is slowly changing that landscape. From properly clothed heroines to pop icon mash-ups, female heroines of the comic book world are showcased in the list. The recent release of X-Men #1 all-female comic book is just a sign of how the comic book industry is slowly changing.