Artist Yeso Illustrates Batman's Enemies in a Neat and Orderly Style

 - Dec 27, 2011
References: yeso.deviantart & riceatingpanda.tumblr
Artist Yeso illustrates comic book characters like a true professional. But where others often employ a chaotic style, everything in Yeso’s renderings looks pristine. His depictions of Batman’s most infamous villains are as dynamic and interesting to look at as other illustrators’ work, but his clean-cut quality definitely sets his pieces apart from his contemporaries. It’s exhilarating to see art by someone who isn’t afraid to hide behind rough sketchy lines that often mask an illustrator’s mistakes.

Artist Yeso currently resides in Mexico, where he continues to perfect his craft of rendering comic panels. With the amount of detail Yeso puts into each image, you would think that his compositions would be cluttered, but every shape, line and curve seems necessary in the conveyance of his subjects. Yeso is a calculated digital artist.