Uwe de Witt Puts a Nightmarish Twist on Graphic Novel Art

 - Dec 11, 2011
References: uwedewitt & spacelordmf.blogspot
It's probably best you don't look at these Uwe de Witt creations at night time. After all, who wants to fill their head with fright-inducing images of comic book villains and superheroes right as he or she is about to go to bed? That's just asking for trouble in the form of vivid and horrific nightmares.

But even in the tangible world, these Uwe de Witt paintings have a dreamlike quality to them. With controlled, yet rough and chaotic brushstrokes, de Witt paints these stunning digital renderings of characters from Batman, Spawn, Hulk and Hellboy in a truly monstrous manner. It's enough to have normal human beings throwing up their hands and running away in sheer panic at the sight of these beings.