Gary Martin Strips Vibrant Superheroes Down to Bare Essentials

It's pretty tough to make comic book characters seem flashy when you take away the vivid colors of their costumes, but Gary Martin still manages to tackle that feat.

An inking specialist, Gary Martin is the guy comic book pencilers go to when their line drawings are complete, but their images still need that extra oomph to elevate it into badass territory. Martin masterfully adds in any shadows, shading and value that he feels his own and other people's illustrations may need and pushes these images into visually stunning places. I have to say, he has yet to produce a disappointing drawing.

Gary Martin has inked practically every superhero under the sun, so it'd be redundant to name them now, but I will say that I'm extremely impressed by the work he did on the Iron Man, Spider-Man and Harlequin pieces in this gallery.