Waldemar Lene Chaves Makes Superheroes More Kid-Friendly

 - Nov 6, 2011
References: bezerrobizarro.deviantart & geektyrant
If you're missing the days when Hanna Barbara characters dominated your television sets, you can at least look through Waldemar Lene Chaves' extensive portfolio of superhero figures to help you reminisce about the golden era of cartoons.

Chaves' illustrative style hearkens back to art commonly found in shows like Little Lulu, Dexter's Laboratory and The Flintstones, but I'm not one to complain. It's actually quite refreshing to see the normally anatomical perfection of superhero bodies contorted into cutesy lumps and bulges.

Equally as fascinating as the characters he draws however is Waldemar Lene Chaves himself, whose a doctor by day, and a recreational illustrator by night. In fact, Chaves takes his hobby so seriously, he's even now currently taking commissions. He'll draw practically anything, as long as you can describe it vividly enough for him.