Travis Louie's Paintings are Both Grotesque and Refined

 - May 28, 2013
References: travislouie
Travis Louie's Victorian-inspired artwork is both eerie and beautiful. Each painting deftly combines traditional Victorian portraiture with nightmarish monsters. Possibly the most surreal thing about Louie's paintings is that his subjects do not look at all worried or surprised that they're posing with everything from a gigantic dragonfly to a grotesque giant's head.

These works are like nothing that is usually released in the modern art scene, making them a refreshing and interesting change from the minimalism usually put forth by contemporary artists. The use of the monstrous in an unassuming way makes these paintings uncanny for the viewer; they are like other things that have been seen but they are also extremely different.

Louie's Victorian-inspired art demonstrates one of the most innovative and unique styles put forth by a modern artist. Whether you're a fan of the Gothic, the Victorian or even if you're just into weird monsters, Louie's paintings are not to be missed.