Emeli Theander Paints the Unsettling and Surreal

 - May 2, 2012
References: emelitheander & lostateminor
The art of Emeli Theander is curious in that it maintains a sense of whimsy despite its obviously dark overtones. This mixture of the fantastic and unsettling is reminiscent of a nightmare. Indeed, despite the the surreality of the pieces, they remain cogent and, as such, invite the viewer to fall deeper down the rabbit hole.

Faded lines and colors complete the dazed feel of the paintings, leaving one to appreciate Theander's artistic skills as much as her fertile imagination. Such imagination is often overlooked or even looked down upon in many contemporary art circles as too pedestrian or obvious.

However, the excess of abstractions and often smug detachment of countless self-references can be tedious as well. In contrast, Theander demonstrates the ability of the visual arts to communicate one's imagination.