Cezar Berger Brings Demented Dreams to Life on the Page

 - Jul 29, 2011
References: flickr & beautifuldecay
After looking through Cezar Berger's incredible (and at times, unsettling) portfolio, you'd be surprised to discover that the Brazilian artist is just 21-years-old.

Cezar Berger is a student at the University of Fine Arts Center, where he is majoring in graphic design. His artistic influences include thrash metal, hip-hop, skateboard culture, and "the latent violence of life," he writes. Those divergent and chaotic inspirations are visible in his work. Cezar Berger creates art that is technically sound, detailed, and challenging. Many of illustrations also seem to have the charm of your worst nightmares. One particularly jarring illustration features a devil-like character with a pipe in his mouth, sacrilegiously assaulting a small church. He is surrounded by another devil-like creature, as well as a snake whose head forms the shape of a gruesome skull. It's safe to say that is a tough image to swallow for even the most hardended fan of shock imagery.

But his work is not all shock and no substance. Cezar Berger is an artist with a deft ability to appeal to the darkest elements of human psyche, and marry it with beautifully designed and well-colored art.

With that special kind of combined talent, it shouldn't be long before this 21-year-old makes his mark on the art world.