These Renault Car Ads Show the Whimsical Places You'll Go

 - Aug 31, 2014
References: renault & coloribus
When most car ads claim that you'll be able to take your car anywhere, they usually don't mean anywhere that you can dream up in your mind, as this Renault car ad series suggests.

The surreal series features the Renault Twingo circling the rings of Saturn, scaling the walls of buildings and balancing perfectly on single threads of spiderwebs. Each of the ads is bright and colorful, featuring a painterly style that makes the ads quite distinctive. The ads have a Seussian vibe to them, and the whimsical places depicted in each of the ads are like something that you could open up a Dr. Seuss storybook and find. The imaginative car ads truly reiterate that this is the car that can and will take you on some crazy adventures.