Conte Bleu's Animal Racks Are Adorably Rendered

 - May 13, 2013
References: conte-bleu & sweet-station
Wine is a drink that's normally reserved for adults and kids born in Europe; oftentimes these drinks will be placed on holders with designs concepts that don't stimulate the imagination, but these animal racks from 'Conte bleu' will change all that.

The 'Animal’s bone' are wood-worked wine racks that showcase a playful and immature side to the world of wine. The company currently offers animal designs of a reindeer, an elephant, a penguin and a doberman. The quirky wood-worked animal racks are the perfect toy substitute for parents who've misplaced their child's toy, due to an alcohol-induced bender.

It's too often that adults take themselves too seriously in all aspects of their lives, which doesn't please anyone. These adorable critter designs will inject some needed immaturity to any adult's life.