New Creations by Carroll Taveras Elegantly Combine Realities

 - May 19, 2013
References: carolltaveras & booooooom
Through her skillful use of photography and image editing, Caroll Taveras has created several new surreal photos that depict human silhouettes filled in by glimpses of other realities. In other words, Taveras takes a group of photos, places them side by side and then shapes that collection of images into the shape of a human figure.

These photographs are absolutely beautiful in their ability to expose the viewer to a multitude of images without becoming overwhelming while simultaneously telling a story. The message of these surreal photo collages is clearly that the plethora of images making up the human figures constitutes that figures' history, letting the viewers engage in a stranger's story through Caroll Taveras's creations.

With these new works, Taveras has demonstrated a new, technology-based art form, proving that technology is necessary for the advancement of art.