Taylor Marie McCormick Showcases Beautifully Surreal Photos

 - Jan 26, 2013
References: flickr & mymodernmet
Photographer Taylor Marie McCormick has beautifully captured the essence of dream-like photography and all the wonderfully weird things that happen in people's dreams.

Dreams are a fantastically whimsical place where anything and everything can happen to you all at once. McCormick's photo series captures a wide array of surreal images and situations you wouldn't normally find in real life. The series includes photographs of a woman sleeping in mid-air, a tornado in a jar, standing in the middle of the universe and even mermaids swimming around in a clear vase.

This beautiful photo series captures a fantasy dream world filled with all sorts of oddities and situations you could only hope to experience in real life. These photographs act as a visual guide into the strange yet wonderfully magical world of dreams.