Josephine Richards Takes us on a Journey Through a Magic Forest

 - Mar 9, 2013
References: 500px & cuded
Photographer Josephine Richards takes photos of the nature and trees in Swansea, United Kingdom, creating a colorful landscape that looks like a real magic forest.

She uses different filters and color enhancers to create multi-dimensional photographs featuring everything from misty serene scenes to eerily illuminated backdrops, bringing out the beautiful tones found in nature and her imagination. Going through the photos is like going on a journey through a canopy-clad world full of wonder and surreal colors, with a path that leads to some highly anticipated mystery.

Josephine Richards invokes youthful memories of haunted forests and the Adventures of Alice in Wonderland where surroundings hold a special power and nothing is quite what it seems. Her series of magic forest images are gorgeously intoxicating, drawing in the adventurously mystical viewer.