This Creepy Abandoned Hospital Art is Created by Herbert Baglione

When one thinks of creepy places, old psychiatric wards are an image that comes to mind, and this eerie abandoned hospital art is a haunting depiction of spirits left behind.

Herbert Baglione has been long making art that leaves one feeling uneasy, but he elevated this work by using an old hospital as his canvas. He has created these ghostly black figures that are floating around and coming out of objects. These shadow figures are scary, and they pair perfectly with the peeling walls and the abandoned feeling of the hospital. Baglione has used this space in a creative way by putting his stunning, albeit horrifying, artwork in the building. By doing so he has been able to rejuvenate new life into something that previously had none. This abandoned hospital art is a perfect example of how any space can become interesting with the use of art, and how terrifying art can be as well.