The Pauline Van Der Cruysse Grit Magazine Editorial is Sorrowful

There's something eerily striking about this Pauline Van Der Cruysse Grit Magazine #7 spread. Shot by Jimmy Fontaine, the editorial and cover shoot have a lonely Van Der Cruysse moving through a variety of dark and isolated rooms that are seemingly run down and abandoned.

The desolate lighting and settings create a sinister ambiance that is reminscent of the early stages of a horror movie, yet the shoot is bewitchingly beautiful. The spread was shot for the magazine's Pre Fall/Winter 2011 issue, which will also features three other stunning covers starring Hanna Samokhina, Melodie Monrose, and Hanne Bruning.

Implications - Independent art and fashion publications that release issues on a seasonal, rather than monthly basis, are on the rise as the most trusted sources in the fashion world. With edgier, more boundary-pushing photo shoots, these mags appeal to the younger generation of fashionistas who are looking for something fresh and different.