All Bets Are Off Series Shows What Happens When the Wheels Stop Turning

 - Apr 17, 2013
References: weburbanist & psfk
The All Bets Are Off photo series is comprised of casino captures, but not of the bright light grandiose kind. These casinos have been abandoned for years, left to decay and rot after greedily taking people's money left, right and center. Curated by WebUrbanist, the article reads, "[...] the high rollers are laying low, the cards are all jokers, the wheel’s stopped spinning and the dice have all thrown snake eyes."

Featuring such establishments as the Penthouse Adriatic Club Casino in Croatia, The Overlook Hotel’s Casino and The Big Easy Casino Boat, a New Orleans-themed gambling vessel, the All Bets Are Off photo series showcases 10 in all. It is disturbing to see once crowd-filled rooms empty.